Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Toddler Crafts-- Sequin Butterfly

Curly Girl loves crafts!  So I bartered this behavior over dinner... 'If you eat your chicken and your carrots you can paint!'.. so she did. (It doesn't always work but this time it did!).  While I watched her play I realized she was working her fine motor skills!

What You Need:
Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls
Acrylic Paint (we used purple)
Construction Paper (for wings -- we used yellow)
Sequin (we used multi-color)
Elmer's Glue
Black marker

  1. Paint a toilet paper cardboard roll  with acrylic paint-- (we used purple)
  2. Cut out Butterfly wings in construction paper and apply glue for the sequin to adhere.  Make sure you make a 1/2 inch tab on the wing to glue to the toilet paper roll. (Our tab is folded under the wing in this picture)
    3. Apply sequin to glue on butterfly wings.  This is great to promote fine motor skills.  Curly Girl   was obsessive about getting a sequin to the place she wanted it to go!

    4.  Apply Googley Eyes and make a Smiley Face with a marker

      5.  Glue wings on the toilet paper roll and let dry.

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