Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pet Expos are Perfect Day Trips For Kids

Curly Girl loves animals!  We didn't know how far the extent of her love for critters went until we attended Super Pet Expo at Dulles Expo Center west of Washington DC.  Today we learned she's ALL GOOD with reptiles!!

This Super Pet Expo at Dulles Expo Center ends Sunday, March 17, 2013.  Look for and plan to attend  Pet Expos in your town coming soon!

Super Pet Expo promotes Dog Dock Diving and Agility Expositions, Pony Rides, Reptile interactions with Bobby G. Pets and Extreme Reptiles, hundreds of  great exhibitors and many cute dogs who will interact with your child while you meander through the exhibits.

We got there right when they opened at 10 a.m. I recommend getting there when they open.  Entry was quick, and even quicker with tickets purchased online at
Tickets free for 3 and below, $8 for 4-11, and $13 for 12 and above.

We learned by being early risers there are no lines.  We went straight to the main stage, but got distracted by the Pony Ride.  At $5, the pony ride was a bargain!  Curly Girl went screaming to the ponies and was only happy once she was riding.  Because we were there early and there was no line, they let her stay on until there was a demand, so she seemed to stay on that pony forever!
Next to the pony ride was Extreme Reptiles -- a very cool organization we now officially love at www.  I could not have asked for a better introductory experience for my child with reptiles, and upon speaking with and getting to know the folks, we were comfortable with all they offered.

For $1 for adults, we were able to tour their exhibit of several beautiful snakes behind glass.  For $5, we were given the opportunity to take a picture with a SunGlow Boa!   Daddy held the snake, Grandpa held his breathe, and Mommy took pictures while officially having an anxiety attack -- but Curly Girl held that snake's face so gently and confidently I thought she might kiss him!!

Hundreds of exhibits are attractive -- those that were most attractive for us were anything that could appeal to our 2 dogs/2 cats/1 fish/ 1 toddler equation.  So we focused on that.  I came away today with far more than our admission costs in Dog/Cat/Fish  food and treat samples.  This is really a good deal for those with furry/finny friends!

We loved watching the dog and puppy free play area.  Anyone who brings a dog can let them into the play area!  Curly Girl loved watching the dogs!  We attempted to go to the agility and dock diving, but the chairs were already taken, and there was little standing room.  If this is your focus, get there early to claim your spot -- they are taken quickly!

Our Favorite Vendor, and one we will keep the business card for future birthday parties  is Bobby G. Pets.  We happened upon them on our way out, and they made our day!  Check them out at  See their animals below!

The kids on the staff were AMAZING!  Every patron who entered, child or adult, was treated like they were the only one in line.  I was shy to ask to see and touch the other animals, as I was afraid the staff might be too busy. But  it turned they were happy to do so!  They were incredibly friendly! We had so many interactions with reptiles -- Here are only two but we had many more!

Petting a Bearded Dragon

Petting a Python

ONLY OFFERED SUNDAY:  (I'm HATING I'm missing this!)    Smithfield the Painting Pig will be appearing at Super Pet Expo!!  He and his owner Fran Martin  have appeared on national television programs including Oprah, Live with Regis and Kelly, Ellen, Pet Star and America’s Got Talent. One of Smithfield’s favorite activities is painting original Pig-Casso’s. Simply put, he picks up a brush, walks over to the canvas and paints.

I'm sad Curly Girl and I are missing the Painting Pig.

PROS:  Great kid-friendly exhibits.  A way to explore animals not otherwise accessible.

CONS:  Can fill up quickly and be unmanageable.  Go early! 


  1. Looks like a fun day!

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  2. Thank you for the kind words : ) This is Matt, owner of Bobby G. Pets (aka Reptiles) and I am so thankful that you enjoyed our booth. Contact me through my website and we can talk more if your interested. Great blog!!